Archive Node

Archive nodes act as data storages and enable access to earlier blocks’ operations. RPC Fast nodes are leading in the industry

How Archive Node Works in RPC Fast

RPC Fast API provides users with data saving and debugging options via archive nodes. Please keep reading to understand the way it works at our service.

Archive nodes store information about previous operations on the particular blockchain and its historical statements. It will help you when you need access to earlier blocks’ data. Running an archive node takes more time and storage capabilities than a typical one. It usually stores a massive amount of data and needs more time for processing.

RPC Fast API serves clients with the fastest archive nodes on the market. They have industry-leading capabilities and provide users with a smooth workflow.

Currently, we offer BNB Chain archive nodes. Nodes based on Ethereum and other platforms are available in Enterprise personal plans.

Archive Data

Archive data is available on Enterprise payment plan. You can request archive data for your dApp via one of the JSON-RPC methods described in our documentation.

  • eth_getBalance

  • eth_getProof (only available on BSC)

  • eth_getCode

  • eth_getStorageAt

  • eth_call

  • eth_estimateGas

  • eth_getTransactionCount

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