CUPS (Rate Limit)

We count Compute Units per second instead of counting requests. It is our way to achieve stable connection and keep costs low without affecting the UX

How CUPS Works and Why We Use It as Rate Limit

What Is CUPS?

The way of measuring CUs we apply is called CUPS (Compute Unit Per Second). CUPS helps us to measure the rate limit and implement suitable algorithms. As we explained in the Compute Units article, each method costs a different number of CUs. It makes the CUPS limitation system more efficient than counting requests per second. There are various limitations to different pricing plans.

Why Do We Apply Rate Limits?

They allow us to ensure that clients use our services fairly and make connections stable and sustainable. We set speed limitations per second. For example, if the API returns the ‘rate limits error’ during retries, it will handle your request the next second. In general, it ultimately doesn’t affect the UX but makes the service accessible for everyone.

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