Getting Started

Welcome to RPC Fast! The go-off takes just three steps and 3 minutes. Now you are ready to create the first DApp. Know how in our guide

How to Start Using RPC Fast

We strive to make our services accessible and easy to use. Now our team is proud to present you with the fastest Blockchain API. You can see how to start interacting with it and build your first DApp.

Sign Up/Sign In

  1. Start your registration on the main page:

  2. Enter your email and password. Otherwise, you can continue with your Google account.

  3. That’s all! Now you are signed up in our system.

First DApp Creation

Creating a project-based unit is your first step in sending RPC requests on our API. After entering the account, a user can see three apps for three different blockchain types that were created automatically. A user can choose one of existing apps or create a new one by following the instructions below.

  1. Tap the button "Create app".

  2. Think of a title and name your app.

  3. Give it a description (optionally).

  4. Choose one of the chains available (Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, or Velas).

  5. After tapping "Create", you will see the dashboard with information about requests, success rate, and other statistics.

Find API Endpoints

You will see the unique API Key in the "API Key" section. This information is strictly confidential, and anyone else should not see it. Also you will see Https and Websocket endpoints there.

Sending Requests

An API Key allows you to send requests on RPC Fast. Look at your pricing plan to see how many of them are available to you. Check out the limits in our documentation.

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