eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex - Ethereum

This method recalls the transaction data after you enter block hash and transaction index position

How to Use the eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex Method


DATA, 32 Bytes - block’s hash.

QUANTITY - the transaction index position presented as an integer. params:

    '0x0' // 0 

What you receive

TRANSACTION - An object of transaction, or returns null in case no transaction was found.

  • hash: 32 Bytes - the transaction’s hash.

  • nonce: how many transactions were sent from one address before the current one.

  • blockHash: DATA, 32 Bytes - the block’s hash where this transaction was located. returns null in case of a pending log.

  • blockNumber: the number of a block related to the chosen transaction. null when its pending.

  • transactionIndex: integer of the transactions index position in the block. returns null in case of a pending log.

  • from: 20 Bytes - the sender’s address.

  • to: 20 Bytes - the receiver’s address. returns null if a transaction relates to smart contract creation.

  • value: value represented in Wei.

  • gasPrice: gas price that the sender did provide. represented in Wei.

  • gas: gas amount that the sender provided.

  • input: which data was sent along the transaction.


Here is a typical appliance example.


curl<key> \
    -X POST \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex","params":["0xc0f4906fea23cf6f3cce98cb44e8e1449e455b28d684dfa9ff65426495584de6", "0x0"],"id":0}'


  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": 0,
  "result": {
    "blockHash": "0xc0f4906fea23cf6f3cce98cb44e8e1449e455b28d684dfa9ff65426495584de6",
    "blockNumber": "0x1e8480",
    "from": "0x32be343b94f860124dc4fee278fdcbd38c102d88",
    "gas": "0x51615",
    "gasPrice": "0x6fc23ac00",
    "hash": "0xc55e2b90168af6972193c1f86fa4d7d7b31a29c156665d15b9cd48618b5177ef",
    "input": "0x",
    "nonce": "0x1efc5",
    "to": "0x104994f45d9d697ca104e5704a7b77d7fec3537c",
    "transactionIndex": "0x0",
    "value": "0x821878651a4d70000",
    "v": "0x1b",
    "r": "0x51222d91a379452395d0abaff981af4cfcc242f25cfaf947dea8245a477731f9",
    "s": "0x3a997c910b4701cca5d933fb26064ee5af7fe3236ff0ef2b58aa50b25aff8ca5"

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